Air search for missing jet suspended

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Air search for missing jet suspended

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The latest images captured by a Thai satellite show possible plane debris in the southern Indian Ocean.

But Thailand says it can’t be sure the objects are from the lost plane.

They’re in the search zone where the international effort to find the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is underway.

The items were spotted in roughly the same remote expanse of sea as earlier images reported by France, Australia and China.

Thursday’s air search was suspended. Severe weather, turbulence and poor visibility dashed hopes of finding what could be a large debris field.

China has repeatedly voiced its frustration with Malaysia’s efforts to find the plane.

Geng Yansheng from China’s Defence Ministry said:

“Currently, the search remains our top priority. We will continue to ensure enough military personnel are available to make an all-out effort for the operation. We will give 100 percent as long as there is a ray of hope.”

Australia, which is coordinating the effort, said ships continue to search, despite the battering waves.

It’s all part of solving one of aviation’s most puzzling mysteries: why and how the plane diverted so far off course.