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Taiwan: Students to meet president in China trade pact row


Taiwan: Students to meet president in China trade pact row

Students occupying Taiwan’s parliament for the past week to denounce a trade deal with China have agreed to meet the island’s president to try to resolve the standoff.

Hundreds of demonstrators are challenging the agreement which would open 64 Taiwanese sectors to China and 80 of China’s service sectors to Taiwan.

Opponents say it could hurt small Taiwanese firms and would allow Beijing to expand its influence over the territory which China still sees as a renegade province.

On the streets, protesters have clashed with riot police.

Dozens of people were reported injured amid multiple arrests as security forces used water cannon to remove demonstrators from government headquarters, which they had also invaded.

Taiwan and China have been ruled separately since the Communists took power on the mainland in 1949.

But relations have warmed considerably under the presidency of Ma Ying-jeou who has said the trade deal with China is essential for Taiwan’s economic future.


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