Relatives of missing plane passengers clash with Beijing police

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Relatives of missing plane passengers clash with Beijing police

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Dozens of angry relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have clashed with police outside the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing.

It follows the announcement that the plane is presumed lost with all 239 people on board. Most of those on board the scheduled Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight were Chinese.

Dozens of family members chanted “Malaysian government has cheated us” and “Malaysia, return our relatives” as they marched peacefully and held banners.

In a news conference, the firm’s bosses denied claims they are keeping the families in the dark about the investigation.

Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, Malaysian Airlines Chairman said: “Our first concern, particularly for the families from China, is for their safety and comfort, and certainly privacy. That is the main concern that’s driving whatever we’re trying to offer to the family members. And in terms of why we’re still keeping them hanging on, it’s simply we all share their hope as well. Probably isolating them is not the correct impression.”

Bad weather and rough seas have now forced the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane to be suspended.

A delay that will only prolong the agony for the relatives.