Bad weather halts search for missing Malaysian jet

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Bad weather halts search for missing Malaysian jet

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Bad weather and rough seas have suspended the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The delay will only prolong the agony for the relatives of the 239 people on board the jet, which officials are now sure crashed in the remote Indian Ocean.

On Monday Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak made the sombre announcement.

Declaring that all those on board must be presumed lost, he referred to fresh analysis of satellite tracking data which could only conclude that flight MH370 had flown along the southern corridor and ran out of fuel in the ocean south west of Perth.

China has demanded to see the satellite evidence as most of those on board the jet were Chinese nationals.

Distressed relatives have reacted with anger at the Malaysian handling of the search and many remain sceptical of the conclusions as no wreckage as yet been found.

“They said the plane went down in the Southern Indian ocean, but they have not found the plane yet, what are they basing this on?” said one woman whose husband was on the missing airliner. “We do not trust what the Malaysian government is saying,” she added.

Another whose brother had been on the plane said: “We do not believe what they say, if the relatives have died we need to see their bodies to believe they are really dead. “