Israel announces discovery of 'longest' Gaza tunnel

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Israel announces discovery of 'longest' Gaza tunnel

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The Israeli military announced that it had discovered another tunnel stretching from the Hamas-governed Gaza strip into Israel, adding that it was the longest ever found.

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) released video footage, purportedly showing the tunnel being excavated by Israeli diggers this week.

Sami Turjman, the head of the Israeli army’s southern command, said:” We have been tracing this tunnel for a long time using our intelligence capabilities.”

Hamas disputed Israel’s claims, saying that the tunnel was uncovered months ago following bad weather.

Abu Obidah, spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, told reporters: “When the Zionist enemy claims they’ve foiled a big operation, that’s not true. The tunnel was destroyed by natural factors, not because of their security checks or military action.”

Israel announced the discovery of three such tunnels, including one that was more than 1.5 kilometres long and 18 metres deep.