Orlando Duque's unique dive into the Amazon River

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Orlando Duque's unique dive into the Amazon River

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The Amazon river is one of the longest in the world with its own unique ecosystem and not associated with the ideal place for high diving.

But veteran Orlando Duque went to the Amazon to find a 35 metre tree which would provide the perfect diving platform.

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The Colombian with the help of the local Palmari tribe found a rubber tree reckoned to be 100-years-old from which to make his incredible plunge.

The team built the platform and from the canopy of the largest rain forest in the world he made was was described as his “death defying leap”.

Conditions were perfect said the man who claimed the first High Diving Championship held in Barcelona last year.

“Nobody has probably jumped from here before, its never been done so it’s amazing to be able to do it;” he added but there was no hint if he would try again.