EU wants to reduce dependence on Russian energy

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EU wants to reduce dependence on Russian energy

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EU leaders said on Friday that they want to draw up a roadmap to wean Europe off its dependence on Russian energy.

They made the call after a two-day summit focused on the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

Some argue the EU cannot get tough with Russia due to its oil and gas needs.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Of course Europe is, i think 25% or so reliant on Russian gas.
“But, if you look at Gazprom’s revenues, something like 50 percent comes from Europe. so, Russia needs Europe more than Europe needs Russia!”

The Baltic States have been some of the leading voices inside the 28-member bloc for a tough response.

They joined fellow EU countries in backing a longer list of Russians to be hit by asset freezes and travel bans.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaité told euronews that the EU should not be drawn in by Putin’s attempts to raise tensions.

‘We still want to talk, we’re not yet with the guns against somebody. that’s exactly it: We can not be same in our reactions, we can not become ‘Putinised’,” she said.

euronews correspondent Isabel Marques da Silva reports that the EU is also ready to send an observer mission to Ukraine, if the OSCE is unable to carry out its own monitoring mission.

The next steps will be decided in consultation with other partners, such as the G7 on Monday, but also during the EU-US, summit on Wednesday, she adds.