Azerbaijan celebrates 'Nowruz' festival

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Azerbaijan celebrates 'Nowruz' festival

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Celebrations have been taking place in Baku to mark the start of the Persian new year.

Nowruz – which means new day – is a festival that is celebrated in Iran, as well neighbouring countries, including Azerbaijan.

“It is a very ancient holiday, people used to celebrate it more than a thousand years ago. For us it means rebirth, it means new life,” said Nijat Kyazimov, who is a theatre director.

The time and date of Nowruz are different each year.

This time round, the March 21 marks the start of 1393 in the Persian Calendar.

The celebrations include the sharing of traditional sweets and pastries.

Speaking from Baku, euronews correspondent Galina Polonskaya says: “Everyone visits their friends and family. People believe that wishes come true, on one condition – the thoughts of making a wish should be positive.”