Pilot and co-pilot still focus of missing plane investigations

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Pilot and co-pilot still focus of missing plane investigations

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Malaysian investigators are still focusing on the pilot and first officer for a possible motive behind the disappearance of an airliner missing for over a week.

The co-pilot spoke the last works heard from the cockpit before it’s thought someone with specialist knowledge diverted the plane off course.

Chris Nissen, a close friend of Captain Zahiri Ahmed Shah defended his professional record.

“I just can’t imagine, with his character and what we knew of him… it just wouldn’t make any sense that he would have anything to do with any sort of deliberate action on his part. And I think he would do anything he could to preserve the lives of his passengers,” said Nissen.

Two-thirds of passengers on the plane were Chinese.

Hundreds of furious Chinese family members said they are going on hunger strike until the Malaysian government “tells them the truth” about the fate of missing loved ones.

They chanted, “Keep protesting, respect life, don’t let them become victims of politics, tell us the truth!” with fists in the air.

China says passenger background checks have so far failed to find anyone with a political or criminal motive to crash or hijack the plane.