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Shadowland dances into UK

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Shadowland dances into UK

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Pilobolus Dance Theatre are performing their internationally acclaimed show, Shadowland, in London. A mix of shadow theatre, dance, circus and music, the production uses screens to merge projected images and live dance.

Michael Tracy, the creative producer explained: “The shadow technology, that technique, is something that everyone has played with since they were a child, so it seems kind of universally understood and yet they are seeing a show that is new – it’s not a story based on a folktale. This is something that we’ve invented from whole cloth and we’ve been very lucky. We’ve toured around six years now around mostly Europe, but now we’re going to the Middle East, to the Far East, to South America.”

One of the most popular elements of the show is when the the performers reveal how the images are created. Lauren Yalango, a dancer in the show, said: “I always explain the show as part theatre, part live dance. It’s also part movie – it’s cinematic and it’s magical. It’s magic. It’s a magic show.”

Shadowland will be playing at Sadler’s Wells in London until the end of March.

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