Serbia's centre-right set for landslide

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Serbia's centre-right set for landslide

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The leader of Serbia’s ruling centre-right Progressive party (SNS) has claimed victory after 70 percent of votes are counted.

Aleksandar Vucic – a onetime ultra-nationalist – looks set for a landslide after pledging tough economic reforms and a route into the European Union.

“We are facing tough reforms,” Vucic told supporters at party headquarters. “However I am sure that Serbia has a future and I am sure that Serbs will soon live better than they are living now. But it won’t be easy.”

If confirmed the SNS will take around 50 percent of the vote.

One Belgrade resident was optimistic Vucic could make a difference: “Vucic has vision on how to start things …This is a dead country – no money, no investments. He cannot change a lot, but he is a fighter.”

Vucic also ran on an anti-corruption ticket.

The Socialists and former SNS coalition partner, look like managing a distant second place with only 15 percent.