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'Veronica Mars' hits the big screen thanks to the 'Marshmallows'

'Veronica Mars' hits the big screen thanks to the 'Marshmallows'

The hit television series ‘Veronica Mars’ is back, this time as a film. But getting it made was touch and go.

Jason Dohring, who stars in the film, explained: “The director, Rob Thomas, had always told us since we finished the show, ‘Keep your schedule open!’ and we were like, ‘Yeah, buddy, anything you need!’. And then during this last-ditch attempt to make a film we realised there were maybe more than 20 fans! And we raised the money in a day and by the end we had enough to shoot in Los Angeles.”

Kristen Bell plays the eponymous heroine, who is now a law graduate living in Manhattan.

She is equally enthusiastic about the ‘Veronica Mars’ team: “I love these people, I work for a guy who I think is pretty brilliant and always produces quality material. The character is beloved and I like that she exists; I like that she’s a role model; I like that she is fun and sassy and all the things that she is, so why on earth would I run from it? That’s my point of view.”

Director Rob Thomas said the funding came from many sources, although the idea famously raised millions via Kickstarter crowdfunding from 91,000 fans, or ‘Marshmallows’ as they call themselves.

“I know that we are the guinea pig for this model of raising money to finance a movie, and I think the thing that we have to do in the next couple of weeks is to stick the landing. We need the movie to be successful or maybe you won’t see more movies like our own. My hope is that we’re successful and you do get that opportunity because I think it brings a bit of democracy into choosing what movies get made,” Thomas said.

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