Recruits flock to join Ukraine's national guard

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Recruits flock to join Ukraine's national guard

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In Kyiv, volunteers have started signing up for Ukraine’s new national guard.

It follows a vote in the Ukranian parliament to create a 60,000 strong force to bolster the country’s defences.

Most of the new recruits gathered appeared to be young men in their early twenties. Many said they had no previous military experience.

“Some relatives support me, but some are strongly against my idea of joining the guard. My mum didn’t want me to join. But I’m worried about my little brother and sister’s future ,” said one young man.

Ukraine’s national security chief Andriy Parubiy says the guard could be deployed to “ensure state security, defend borders, and eliminate terrorist groups”.

Despite Russia saying it has no plans to invade eastern Ukraine, military training is already taking place in case of a potential attack.

euronews’ correspondent in Ukraine Maria Korenyuk said: ‘‘The volunteers will spend two weeks at this military camp. After that, if things remain peaceful they will be put on stand-by, but if war does break out the new recruits will be sent to the front line.’‘