More clashes in Turkey as teenager's death sparks violence

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More clashes in Turkey as teenager's death sparks violence

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Turkish riot police are braced for more unrest after a second day of clashes with anti-government demonstrators across the country.

The violence erupted on Wednesday as mourners buried a teenager hurt in protests last summer, unrest which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan branded as a plot against the state.

Berkin Elvan’s death on Tuesday after nine months in a coma sparked the trouble. Elvan, then aged 14, got caught up in street battles in Istanbul between police and protesters on June 16 while going to buy bread for his family.

He became a rallying point for government opponents, who held vigils at the Istanbul hospital where he lay in intensive care from a head trauma believed to have been caused by a police tear gas canister.

Police fired water cannon, tear gas and rubber pellets on a major Istanbul avenue to stop tens of thousands of people chanting anti-government slogans from reaching the central Taksim square.

There were similar scenes in the centre of the capital Ankara and in the Aegean coastal city of Izmir.