Kylie's back with a new album 'Kiss Me Once'

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Kylie's back with a new album 'Kiss Me Once'

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Pop diva Kylie Minogue is back with a new album ‘Kiss me Once’.

‘Into the Blue’ is the single and has all the Kylie hallmarks.

After beginning her career as a child actress on Australian television she moved to London to follow her musical dreams and was rewarded with a hit debut album called “Kylie” in 1988, it went seven times platinum in the UK and has sold over five million copies worldwide

Since then, the 45-year-old has had a further 11 successful studio albums. Her music and style have gone through many transformations, but she still remains a hugely popular artist around the world.

She is a survivor as she explained: “Persistence. I love what I do and I am passionate about it and actually right now I feel reinvigorated. I am really excited about this new album and moving forward.”

Kylie has lived for many years in London, but home is Australia: “I am pretty much a Londoner these days, but Australia is my home. It has all my childhood memories, my family are there, my spirit. I kind of feel like I am going back to my youth when I am there, so I am a little bit like I have got a foot in both countries.”

In 2005 Kylie underwent breast cancer surgery and last October she split from her long-term partner Andres Velencoso. On that she said: “Loneliness is something we can all relate to. Cancer is something some of us can relate to. I just try to get on with living my life without that shadow hanging over my head but for sure, I am reminded of it every day, of course.”

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