Spain marks ten years since 2004 Madrid train bombings

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Spain marks ten years since 2004 Madrid train bombings

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A special ceremony to recognise victims of terrorism has been held in the Spanish capital on the eve of the anniversary of the Madrid train bombings.

It was one of several events being held to mark the attack which left 191 people dead ten years ago.

Relatives and survivors were given gold-medals from Spain’s Interior Minister.

Elizabeth Aguilar was one who lived to tell the tale of what happened when her normal journey to work was suddenly shattered:

“I entered the hospital in a serious condition, after feeling ill at home following a very severe blow, I don´t know what I’d hit myself against… but what I do remember is that it left me outside of the train. Then it was operation after operation, therapy after therapy….. but now I think life is beautiful.”

Islamist militants were blamed for the attacks on the city’s railway system which turned out to be one of bloodiest days in modern Spain. Besides those who died, more than 1,800 were injured.

Eventually 21 suspects were convicted. Most of them are currently serving lengthy sentences but four have been freed and a fifth is due for release shortly.