Gucci and Kellogg's to work together fighting for women's rights

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Gucci and Kellogg's to work together fighting for women's rights

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‘Chime for Change’ Gucci’s humanitarian platform – announced on February 7th in Paris – will have Kellogg’s joining them in the fight for empowering women in the world.

The food giant will use ‘Special K’ boxes to place this message in 25 million households from now until the end of 2015.

'Chime for Change' was founded by Gucci’s designer, Frida Giannini five year ago. What are its most important achievements?

“Having raised like $5 million, I think that’s one of the highest achievements and the second one is to be connected to the platform in projects which are running in more than 80 countries all around the world,” said Giannini.

Since then 280 projects have been implemented in those countries: including vaccine campaigns and scholarships. Fighting against domestic violence and its astonishing statistics is another goal: one out of every three women in the world will be raped once in her life.

“Justice, education and health, those are the essential things to guarantee a human being’s integrity, And women still lack justice, they suffer from a number of health issues and educational issues. These are the most important elements ensuring people can grow,” said Chime for Change’s Managing Editor Marianne Pearl.

Gucci has launched a free app for mobiles in French, English, Spanish and Italian for getting female rights and voices heard.

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