EU offers trade benefits to Ukraine to bolster Kyiv

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EU offers trade benefits to Ukraine to bolster Kyiv

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The European Commission has moved to offer 500 million euros worth of unilateral trade benefits to Ukraine, scraping import duties on agricultural goods and other products.

The decision comes into effect immediately and will last until at least Nov.1.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso reiterated the EU’s backing for Ukraine: “The economic support is just a part, a small part, of our broader efforts to support Ukraine in the current difficult circumstances. The European Union stands by Ukraine, we will continue to work very hard to support the democratic choices of the Ukrainian people to help guarantee Europe’s peace and stability.”

The agreement reached is part of a broader programme by the EU to bolster Ukraine following the popular rebellion that removed President Viktor Yanukovich.

The EU is also planning to apply pressure on Russia to remove its forces from Crimea by imposing sanctions on Moscow.