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Performing a life

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Performing a life

In New York, two conceptual artists have turned themselves into human hamsters for 10 days. Their piece of performance art is intended to illustrate people’s interdependence.

One of them, Alex Schweder, said: “We’re living on a wheel that is essentially a two bedroom apartment. One apartment, one of the two bedrooms, is on the outside, and the second one is on the inside. I live on the inside. Ward lives on the outside. And in order for us to occupy and change activities, we need to walk on this wheel and dial in the function, dial in the bed, dial in the chair, dial in the kitchen, etc.”

It wasn’t safe. The structure is just over a meter wide with a circumference of around 30 meters. Falling off could be dangerous. So the two artists often worse climbing harnesses.

Alex Schweder said: “We chose a domestic space because there’s a kind of inherent script in a domestic situation. It’s basically to just go about your normal life. That’s what Ward and I are doing in here. We’re living in the piece 24 hours a day, and we have all of the things that we would need to go about our day. We have a desk, a chair, a bed, kitchen, bathroom, dresser.”

The performance of In Orbit has now finished but the installation will remain until 5th April.

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