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Gravity FX serious business


Gravity FX serious business

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It was no big surprise that space drama Gravity won so many Oscars – the technical achievement was obvious to even the most un-technically minded.

Many of the special effects were made possible at Framestore, based in London. While the body of the film was actually filmed on a set, most of the effects were added later as CGI or computer-generated images. Alexis Wajsbrot, effects supervisor on Gravity, said: “One of the main things about Gravity was that it was fully CGI. The clothes, the suit, the body, the helmet, everything is CGI. And then the thing was to put the face back into our 3D software.”

He explained that post production they had a certain amount of 2D motion so they could re-frame shots, and they had total freedom to control the limbs and reanimate everything.

Before any filming took place, Alfonso Cuaron, the director had already created a detailed storyboard so that he knew, shot by shot, what every minute of the film should look like.

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