Beijing: Anxious wait for relatives of passengers on missing jet

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Beijing: Anxious wait for relatives of passengers on missing jet

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With the fate of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-370 unclear, anger has been growing among Chinese relatives of passengers.

In Beijing, where the flight was due to touch down, families accused the carrier of keeping them in the dark.

Relatives were taken to a hotel near the airport to wait for information from the airline.

But very little came – and some stormed out, enraged over how they were being treated.

One woman, whose mother was on the plane, said: “We hope the Chinese government sends search teams as soon as possible.”

She added: “Nobody has got in touch with us. Nobody talks to us except volunteers and hotel staff.”

A Malaysia Airlines official told reporters that they were working with the authorities, who had deployed search and rescue teams.

The official added that the carrier’s thoughts and prayers were with the affected passengers and their families.

For more information, visit the Malaysia Airlines website

CORRECTION: Euronews has amended the initial script which quoted a translation provided by the news agencies in which a Chinese woman is claimed to state that “We don’t trust the Vietnamese people”. Following our own verifications, the translation we were provided is erroneous, therefore we have removed that section of the translation.