Migrants try to storm Spain's Melilla enclave in car

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Migrants try to storm Spain's Melilla enclave in car

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A car containing 17 adults and two children has tried to break through a border post in Spain’s North African territory of Melilla. The would-be migrants were stopped by Moroccan authorities.

The latest attempt to illegally enter the enclave happened the same day Spain’s Interior minister Jorge Fernández Díaz visited the territory.

It follows last month’s storming of Melilla’s security fence when more than 200 North African immigrants managed to breach the territory’s security perimeter.

During the minister’s visit, sub-Saharan migrants seeking asylum in Europe called on Madrid to allow them to go to mainland Spain.

Inspecting border security and the territory’s reception centre, Fernández Díaz described the situation in Melilla and Spain’s other North African enclave of Ceuta as a ‘State of Emergency’

In February, 15 migrants drowned off the coast of Ceuta.