Israel claims to have seized a shipment of rockets from Iran destined for Gaza

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Israel claims to have seized a shipment of rockets from Iran destined for Gaza

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Israel has released footage of missiles it says were being sent to Palestinian militants in Gaza by Iran.

The pictures show cement bags next to the rockets marked “Made in Iran.”

The Israeli military said they had boarded the ship in the Red Sea off the coast of Sudan.

An Iranian military official denied the accusations calling them “totally baseless.”

Hamas also dismissed the idea.

“This Zionist tale is a silly claim and a futile fabrication aimed at justifying the blockade on the Gaza Strip, as if there was a port with ships that come and go from Gaza. In actual fact, the Strip is blockaded and they are talking about a ship that was found in the Red Sea thousands of miles away”, said Hamas adviser Taher al Nono.

Israel tightly controls its border with Gaza, and has a naval blockade. Egypt also blockades Gaza’s southern border.

The publicised footage comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the United States pressing for tougher action against Iran.

“Israel captured a ship on the high seas, stocked with weapons destined for terrorist groups. These weapons were going to be used against Israel. The entire operation, this clandestine operation was organised by Iran. While Iran is conducting these talks, smiling to the international community, it continues to arm terrorist groups, it continues to perpetrate terrorism around the world,” Netanyahu said.

Israel has been angered by The United States and EU’s decision to ease sanctions against Iran after it began shutting down its nuclear programme, and has warned that Tehran cannot be trusted.