Yatsenyuk tells Ukraine's business leaders to keep their nerve

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Yatsenyuk tells Ukraine's business leaders to keep their nerve

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Ukraine’s economy has been taken hostage by the security situation. That is the message from Ukraine’s prime minister to around 1,000 business leaders from around the country he had called to Kyiv to ask them to hold their ground and not panic.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague stood alongside Arseniy Yatsenyuk as he made the appeal.

“There are no grounds, I underline there are no grounds for using force against Ukrainians, the peaceful citizens of Ukraine. And there were no, are no, and will be no grounds for bringing in Russian military forces. And for these actions the price must be paid. No-one will give Crimea back to anyone,” said Yatsenyuk.

In a further extension of the new government’s novel use of social media the Defence Ministry’s Facebook page now includes details for those wanting to enlist, and recruiting offices in Kyiv have seen brisk business.

Independence square remains piled high with floral tributes, a reminder of the price paid to get this far.

“We are not scared at all. Right now our children are enlisting, and if needed we will create People’s Emergency Volunteer Corps to protect our state,” said one woman.

“We don’t want people to kill each other. We want people to live peacefully on all continents and everywhere in other countries,” said an older man.

“We love all people, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Bulgarians, Romanians. We love all people from all over the world, and we want all of us to live in peace,” said his wife.

People are still dying in hospital from the injuries they received during the Maidan protests, with the figure now rising close to 100, according to the Health Ministry. The flowers will keep coming in Independence square.