Saakasvili tells Kyiv 'Putin's dreams will collapse'

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Saakasvili tells Kyiv 'Putin's dreams will collapse'

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Kyiv has seen thousands of Ukrainians come out in support of their interim government and welcome a new speaker to Independence Square.

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakasvili offered words of support to those in attendance: This military operation not only puts Crimea and the East in danger, but also Kyiv. But this enemy does not know how heroic and strong you are, he does not know what patriots of your land your are. Putin’s dreams will collapse against the city walls of your hero city Kyiv.’‘

Having led Georgia during it’s short war with Russia in 2008, his words will be controversial for many, particularly those in Russia.

Around ten thousand people took to the streets of Moscow to show their backing of the Kremlin’s recent actions in Crimea. The demonstration passed without major incident, however a smaller anti-war protest saw numerous arrests being made.