Russian opposition leader Navalny under house arrest

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Russian opposition leader Navalny under house arrest

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A Russian court has sentenced main opposition leader Alexei Navalny to house arrest until at least April for violating conditions preventing him from leaving Moscow.

They were set in a case in which Navlany and his brother are accused of stealing the equivalent of hundered of thousands of euros from a cosmetics company.

Navlany is a vocal critic of President Vladimir Putin and led anti-Kremlin protests two years ago.

Navalny denounced the ruling as baseless and said it was meant to silence him.

“Using my last opportunity, I just want to say that this is obviously an illegal prosecution,” he said. “I think it is needless to explain that what happened is only aimed at limiting my ability to continue an anti-corruption investigation,” continued Navalny.

Members of protest band Pussy Riot, were in the courtroom to support him.

Navalny gained prominence writing an internet blog alleging government corruption.

He is a potential future presidential candidate.