Fasten your seat belts: Neeson returns in action-packed airplane thriller

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Fasten your seat belts: Neeson returns in action-packed airplane thriller

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Liam Neeson hurtles back into action in the high-flying thriller ‘Non-Stop’. He plays a federal air marshal trying to root out a hijacker threatening to kill fellow passengers on board a plane unless money is transferred to an off-shore account.

Neeson’s latest action adventure reunites him with Julianne Moore, with whom he starred in the 2009 thriller ‘Chloe’.

“When I heard that Liam was doing this, when it came my way, I was delighted. We had such a wonderful time working together before that, it was a no-brainer for me,” said Moore.

“I couldn’t believe she accepted the part, because on paper it just looked kind of flat, let’s put it that way. But with Julianne in it, it just elevated the whole thing,” said Neeson.

It is the second time Neeson has paired up with director Jaume Collet-Serra and producer Joel Silver.

The director said it was his fear of flying that attracted him to the story.

“I think there are many aspects about flying you could be afraid of. There is the whole ‘How does this thing stay up in the air aspect’. And then in this kind of world that we live in there’s a whole other security issue, that I think people are more aware of than ever. And I think that in this movie we address both and we mess with people’s minds,” said Collet-Serra.

Also starring ’12 Years a Slave’ Oscar nominee Lupita N’Yongo and Michelle Dockery from ‘Downton Abbey’ as air stewardesses, ‘Non-Stop’ has been described by critics as an entertaining B-grade Hitchcock style thriller.

It is out now in the UK and the US.

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