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Venezuela’s president calls for national peace conference as protests continue

27/02/14 01:31 CET

Venezuela’s President Maduro has called for a “national conference for peace” to end the protests.

His opponents have refused to join in.

The wife of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez said people would continue to demonstrate about the state of the economy and the high levels of violence.

“People feel they’re imprisoned in their houses, they’re afraid of going out, going out with their children or that their children go out at night. We can’t find food in the grocery stores. There are shortages,” said Lilian Tintori.

Another opposition leader Henrique Capriles accused Maduro of being out of touch with the public.

“What is the peace conference about? He (Maduro) wants to invite people, sit them down, speak about peace, put some music on, and then solve the problem. He has no idea.”

On Wednesday, hundreds of farmers and members of indigenous groups marched through the streets of Caracas in support of President Maduro.

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