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Dazzled by Rehberger

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Dazzled by Rehberger

Tobias Rehberger is possibly one of the most ‘dazzling’ artists of his generation, blurring the divisions between art, architecture and design.

An exhibition, ‘Home and Away and Outside’ in Rehberger’s home city of Frankfurt, takes a look his work, which draws on the dazzle camouflage tricks used in World War I and II.

How does Rehberger describe himself as an artist? “I’m a sculptor, clearly! But I think outside of the tradition. I think about the artistic side of things afterwards so even if I hit a stone, I see myself as in a sculptural tradition,” he says.

While the first part of the show is visually unsettling, and appealingly colourful, the second section is all in white: “I do not know if I have my own style,” Rehberger adds, “style is a very specific aesthetic. I think my work is just relatively diverse in appearance, style. Anyway, I don’t really think about it.”

There are 60 works on display, including sculptures, installations and paintings.

Tobias Rehberger. Home and Away and Outside runs until May 11 in Frankfurt.

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