Anti-government protests continue in Venezuela

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Anti-government protests continue in Venezuela

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Anti-government protests continue in the Venezuelan capital Caracas as opposition leaders urge supporters to stay in the streets.

President Nicolas Maduro has faced a barrage of criticism on the back of a sinking economy and spiralling crime rate.

He’s asked for calm and tried to pacify demonstrators by calling for national dialogue with regional and opposition leaders.

So far, Henrique Capriles, the main opposition figure has refused to meet with him, instead demanding the release of all those arrested after rallies.

But neither the anti-government nor pro-Maduro camps show any signs of backing down.

Juan Quintana, a student demonstrator told euronews:

“As we all know, young people here have an uncertain future and we are simply protesting against the uncertainty that Venezuelans live with every day, (protesting) like we did yesterday, and like we will do tomorrow and the day after, demonstrating in the streets.”

Those loyal to Maduro wear red, the colour of his mentor, former president Hugo Chavez.

Thirteen people have so far officially died.

Maduro has declared a peace conference for Wednesday, inviting leading political stakeholders to sign a deal renouncing the violence.

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