MEPs back tougher rules on seizing proceeds of crime

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MEPs back tougher rules on seizing proceeds of crime

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Criminal suspects should have their assets seized and given to charity, MEPs say.

The European Parliament has endorsed tougher new rules on confiscating the proceeds of crime.

They aim to make it easier to seize assets without a conviction, or if a person has fled the country.

Monica Luisa Macovei, the centre-right Romanian MEP behind the report said:
“In 2009, the UN estimated the money made by all types of organised crime (was) 2.1 trillion dollars in one year. And now in 2014, if you look at what is confiscated out of organised crime it is 1 percent.”

It would also be easier to reclaim ill-gotten gains from third parties.

Judicial approval would be required.

MEPs want proceeds to be put in a fund to help people in need.

The plans must still be approved by EU governments.

Any new rules will not apply in the UK and Denmark.

Both have opted out.