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Matteo Renzi new Italian PM after winning Senate vote


Matteo Renzi new Italian PM after winning Senate vote

By a vote of 169 for and 139 against, Matteo Renzi won the backing of Italy’s Senate for the prime ministerial post on Monday.

The 39-year old former mayor of Florence takes his new position after a period of prolonged political uncertainty in the country.

His centre-left Democratic party relied on support from the New Centre Right.

He wasted no time in hinting at the direction he wants to take the country:.

“The Italy that I imagine and that we want to rebuild is one that can be a world leader – I am not afraid to say this. The political classes must understand that they’re not paid to treat parliament like a cinema for the purposes of entertainment, but a stage for negotiating hard for reforms”.

Renzi also promised to reform the ponderous justice system, invest in schools and tackle the public debt.

Another confidence vote will be held in the lower house on Tuesday, where the prime minister’s party holds the majority.


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