A Great Big World launch album after Aguilera duo hit

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A Great Big World launch album after Aguilera duo hit

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Three years after releasing their ballad ‘Say Something’, New York duo ‘A Great Big World’ struck gold when pop diva Christina Aguilera happened upon the song and asked if she could contribute to it.

The duo went on to perform the single with her on her show The Voice, launching it up the charts and turning it into a platinum-selling hit.

Band member Ian Axel said working with Aguilera was a great experience: “She’s super professional when she’s working, and she’s really on – she’s in the moment – and it was just a really cool experience.”

“But she was really respectful and down to earth at the same time. We asked her if she wanted to take a verse in the song and do more embellishments vocally and she was like ‘I just want to sing this, I want my voice to be a texture’, and we had never heard her sing like that. We think it’s the most amazing, the most powerful thing.”

Band member Chad Vaccarino explained how they named it: “We have a song called ‘Cheer Up’ and the first line of that song is ‘It’s a great big world and there’s no need to cry’. And when we were trying to pick a band name, we decided to go to the lyrics of our songs.”

“And that one hit it,” added Ian Axel.

“It was positive,” said Vaccarino. “It feels very fitting for what we’re all about.”

A Great Big World’s debut album ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ is out now. The band starts its world tour in March, with concerts scheduled across the US, the UK and Japan.

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