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Politicians satisfied with decision to remove Yanukovich
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Members of the Ukranian parliament, who voted overwhelmingly to remove President Viktor Yanukovich from office stood, applauded and sang the country’s national anthem after he was declared constitutionally unable to carry out his duties. Early elections have been called for May 25. Yanukovich has called the decision “illegal”.

Speaking after the vote leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform, Vitali Klychko, said:
“The constitutional majority of deputies has been voting today in the Parliament. We had 300 votes, which is the number of deputies enough to change the Constitution. Our lawyers have said that all the decisions voted on today were legal. My presence in political life is led by a motivation to make Ukraine a modern European state.”

Senior member of the Viktor Yanukovich led Party of Regions, Serhiy Tyhypko, explained that he hoped areas where the government has had large support can comprehend the outcome of the vote:

“We don’t need more deaths. I am sure that the people of south eastern Ukraine will understand the outcome of today’s vote, despite not feeling the same level of pressure as those in Kyiv and Central Ukraine.

Ukrainians will elect a new president on the 25th of May. Who will fulfill the presidential responsibilities until that time remains unclear. Some deputies have said that the acting president is still Victor Yanukovych, while others have said it is the newly elected speaker of the Parliament.

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