Venezuela braced for large-scale political protests

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Venezuela braced for large-scale political protests

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In Venezuela, large-scale protests are once again expected in Caracas on Saturday with both pro- and anti-government supporters set to take to the streets.

On Friday, there were a number of small rallies in the capital after a week of protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s government, which have been fuelled by high inflation and a lack of basic goods such as milk and bread.

Venezuela’s jailed protest leader Leopoldo Lopez, who was arrested on Tuesday, urged supporters in a letter posted on social media on Friday to continue protesting peacefully.

In the handwritten note he said, “I’m fine, I ask you not to give up, I won’t.”

The government has accused Lopez of inciting violence as part of an orchestrated right-wing plot.

It has also revoked the accreditation of two CNN journalists working in Venezuela, criticising the TV network’s coverage of the unrest which has left eight dead and 137 people injured.