North and South Korea hold rare family reunion

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North and South Korea hold rare family reunion

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A group of around 80 elderly South Koreans have crossed the border in the North for the first round of rare family reunions at a resort just inside the North Korean territory.

The 1950-53 Korean War divided the country between a communist north and capitalist south.

Many families became permanently separated, unable to contact each other, even by phone.

The reunions are short: after a few days, the elderly South Koreans said tearful goodbyes.

For many the long-awaited reunions will be the last time they’ll ever see separated loved ones.

The reunions were held after the North set aside a demand for the suspension of joint military drills by the South and the United States, which it had demanded as a pre-condition.

Another round of reunions will run from Sunday (February 23) to Tuesday (February 25).