Ukraine's parliament votes to end security crackdown on protesters

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Ukraine's parliament votes to end security crackdown on protesters

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The Ukranian parliament voted late on Thursday night to withdraw its security forces and to ban them from using weapons.

The move comes after the worst day of clashes in Kyiv which has left dozens dead including a number of policemen.

The bill also condemned the violence against demonstrators and says those detained should be freed.

It still needs the signature of the speaker of parliament for it to be passed into law.

Opposition leader, Arseni Yatseniuk said: “Every policeman who uses his weapon illegally will be considered a criminal after this law is passed.”

Some MPs from President Yanukovich’s Party of Regions also supported the legislation.

Party of Regions MP, Nestor Shufrych, said: “The Party of Regions politicians who were present in the hall voted for this law, we now need to look at the circumstances of the passing of the law.”

Activists say they will wait to see if the vote makes any real difference on the ground.

One protester declared: “we want to believe but we are always ready. We are, we were and we will be ready. They adopt laws but still shoot. But we are ready even if they are attacking now. We are always ready.”