Security staff strike brings chaos to Frankfurt airport

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Security staff strike brings chaos to Frankfurt airport

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A strike over wages by security personnel at Frankfurt airport, Germany’s largest air hub, that began on Thursday night continued throughout Friday.

It has caused cancellations and delays, stranding passengers, and having a knock-on effect on several routes.

“Our employer has put forward an offer that is simply no longer acceptable. I think we’re an international airport here and we also live in a region where rents are extremely expensive, where wages are far too low compared to rental laws,” said one employee.

Long queues have formed inside the airport at customs and ticket offices.

“We are with Lufthansa 12 hours delayed, our plane is cancelled. We are on the return journey, and now, we are stuck here. No. It’s incredible, incredible,” said one exasperated Frenchwoman.

Unions say security personnel currently earn between 10 and 13 euros an hour, and want a raise to 16. The strike is due to end at 11 pm central European time on Friday.