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Black Submarine launch debut album

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Black Submarine launch debut album

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English rock band Black Submarine, formerly known as ‘The Black Ships’, have released their debut album ‘New Shores’.

Founded in 2008, Black Submarine are made up of former band members from The Verve and Portishead, newcomer Amelia Tucker and Coldplay collaborator Davide Rossi.

Rossi explains why it has taken them so long to release their first album: “We started from scratch. We didn’t really want to be ‘oh let’s use this’ you know? ‘Let’s use your sound.’ We really had to find a sound.”

A work of tight production and experienced musicianship, the overall result is a treat of swaggering, psychedelic rock that hints at The Verve’s earliest work, according to one critic, who adds, however that "some songs are superfluous and could disappear from the album altogether"

“Somebody used the adage, when we were making the record, ‘Play like a child, edit like a scientist’ and it’s pretty much hit the nail on the head of what this is about,” said former Verve member Nick McCabe.

‘New Shores’ is out now in the UK and on worldwide release from March.

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