'Agenda agreed' on Iran nuclear talks with world powers

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'Agenda agreed' on Iran nuclear talks with world powers

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Iran and six world powers have agreed on an agenda for negotiations over the country’s nuclear programme.

It is seen as progress after two days of talks in the Austrian capital Vienna.

But both sides remain far apart on how to resolve the dispute and both Iran and the US have publicly stated that it may not be possible to reach a final agreement.

The six powers want a long-term deal on limiting Iran’s nuclear work to allay concerns that it’s trying to develop atomic weapons.

Tehran, which insists its programme is for energy purposes, wants international economic sanctions lifted.

It is thought that the West wants Iran to cap uranium enrichment, limit research and development, decommission centrifuges and allow more rigorous UN inspections.

Talks could stumble over an unfinished reactor and an underground enrichment plant.

Officials say the next round of talks will take place in the second half of March.