Greek farmers take their tax protests to Athens

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Greek farmers take their tax protests to Athens

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Greek farmers from all over the country converged on Athens on Wednesday to protest against higher taxes, and a new obligation to keep accounts.

With the EU and Greece’s troika of international creditors also getting the blame, the march began in front of the Agriculture Ministry before heading towards parliament.

The farmers have also been blocking motorways and busy city centres.

“We will continue to fight on, against the government’s intention to drive us out of our fields and turn us into scavengers,” said the Greek Farmers Union’s Vangelis Boutas.

“I dare the politicians to leave their cosy offices and come to work in the fields, milking cows and herding sheep, if they want to find out what earning a living as a farmer is like,” said a silver-haired farmer from the island of Crete.

Around 4,000 came to press their main demand, a total renegotiation of the tax rises which many say will force them out of farming altogether.

“For more than 30 days now, Greek farmers have been staging protests for the abolition of the new taxation system. They say they are determined to continue their demonstrations for as long as it takes for the government to give in.” concluded euronews’ Giannisis Giannisis in Athens.