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Fashion is fun in London

Fashion is fun in London

Accessories designer Anya Hindmarch looked directly to our consumer society for inspiration for her show on the final day of London Fashion Week.

As models appeared on a runway-style conveyor belt or a barcoded catwalk, household brands and everyday consumer products like cereal boxes and packets of biscuits were reinvented into oversized handbags.

“I’ve always been obsessed with taking something that’s quite everyday but doing it in a really beautiful way, so I felt that it allowed me to play with some iconic brands and I think fashion should make you smile. I think it’s an important thing and I really… I mean it’s been quite noisy, this collection, I’ve really enjoyed it,” said Hindmarch.

The designer brought back her signature ‘crisp packet’ bag for this collection, which comes in a wide array of flavours, and retails for anywhere between 1,000 (727 euros) and 1,600 dollars (1,164 euros).

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos offered a London Fashion Week collection made of hybrids, fusing sports wear and evening gowns, winter wear and summer outfits.

The result was a kaleidoscopic, futuristic collection of wild patterns and colorful prints which the London-based duo has become famous for.

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