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Ukraine: 14 police and protesters die in latest Kyiv clashes


Ukraine: 14 police and protesters die in latest Kyiv clashes

In Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, at least 14 people have died in the bloodiest day of violence since demonstrations erupted against President Viktor Yanukovich.

A police spokeswoman said six police officers and three protesters died of gunshot wounds. Two more protesters suffered heart attacks.

Riot police threw stun grenades at demonstrators separated from them by a wall of burning tents and tyres.

Protesters set fire to an armoured vehicle which tried to ram the barricade, apparently trapping officers inside.

They hurled petrol bombs, fireworks and stones at riot police on the edge of Independence Square.

A White House spokesman said the US continues “to condemn street violence and excessive use of force by either side”.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton urged Ukraine’s leadership “to address the root causes of the crisis”.

The vice president of Ukraine’s ruling party vowed that Independence Square will be cleared “in a few hours”.

But the protesters who have occupied the centre of the capital are not going quietly.


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