Kremlin promises more cash to Kyiv

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Kremlin promises more cash to Kyiv

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Not to be out manoeuvred Russia has given Ukraine a fresh injection of cash.

It followed hot on the heals on Monday’s meeting between Ukrainian opposition leaders and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Russia says it will buy over 1.5 bn euros of bonds as Moscow seeks to maintain its influence.

Meanwhile the Ukrainian delegation was unclear what assistance was on offer from Berlin.

“We highly appreciate the support that has been given by the chancellor to the Ukrainian people in order to stabilise the political situation in my country, “ said opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk. “The agenda that we follow are (as it is): The first one is we need in my country to avert any kind of violence and to stop the bloodshed. And it’s up to the government and to it’s president to make the real actions in order to fix this ongoing political crisis.”

Back in Kyiv an amnesty for activists has taken effect after protesters ended their occupation of the capital’s city hall.

Even so, the opposition is keeping up the pressure on President Viktor Yanukovych calling on him to relinquish what they describe as his ‘dictatorial’ powers.