Our man in Kyiv: Clashes leave a trail of public anger, shock and fear

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Our man in Kyiv: Clashes leave a trail of public anger, shock and fear

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As euronews’ cameras roam Kyiv’s bloodied streets there is a palpable sense of shock and anger at what’s happened here today.

Emboldened passers-by throw insults at security forces; one woman shouts, “how about your children and wives laid out like these bodies?”

Ukraine’s thin blue line has hardened today. State security forces, the Berkut taking the fight to protesters.

One woman who was caught up in a clash between protesters and police said, “I was lying down on the street and I thought that I was dying.”

“Above me there was a dead body. A woman was shot and a man also. Close to the metro station there were many wounded people.”

Ambulances were on hand to ferry the injured to hospital. Everyday heroism also from volunteer medical staff who braved the streets to treat the wounded.

One doctors said he was very scared when he came out to pick up the injured.

“Special forces were beating people,” he said, “even when they were already wounded. They also tried to beat us.”

Photos on social media appear to show three dead inside a cultural centre for military personnel. But these have not been independently authenticated.

Euronews’ correspondent on the ground reports that on a day of clashes, deaths and many wounded, it was difficult to establish what strategy security services will employ in the days to come.