More rain forecast in the UK; severe flood warnings to remain in place

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More rain forecast in the UK; severe flood warnings to remain in place

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As Britain battles its worst floods in decades, more rain is forecast.

The Met Office is keeping severe flood warnings in place for many southern and central regions.

Parts of southwest England have been underwater for weeks, following the wettest January in almost 250 years.

Three people have reportedly died as a result of the weather. Gales have lashed some areas of the UK at up to 129 kilometres per hour.

British police said a 49-year-old woman was killed in central London after part of a building collapsed on the car she was driving.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of households have been left without electricity as the wind brought down power lines.

The southern coast of England has been particularly badly hit with high waves and strong winds battering the seafront.

A man on a cruise liner in the English Channel died when the ship was hit by a large wave during rough seas.

In Dorset damaged cars could be found among the wreckage of huts and other debris on a local beach.

On Friday, emergency services in Milford on Sea were forced to evacuate 32 diners from a restaurant after it was hit by a strong tidal surge.

But others in the town took advantage of the gusts. On Saturday, a group of windsurfers could be seen riding the extreme waves.