Italian president calls Renzi to Monday morning meeting

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Italian president calls Renzi to Monday morning meeting

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Italian centre-left leader Matteo Renzi has been summoned to meet the president on Monday morning at 10.30 CET.

President Giorgio Napolitano is likely to ask Renzi to be the next prime minister at that meeting.

Renzi would then need to overhaul one of the eurozone’s most troubled economies while awkwardly sharing power with a centre-right rival.

Centre-right party leader Angelino Alfano said: “If we say no to the government, it won’t be formed. If we say yes to the government, it will be formed.” He was speaking during a Nuovo Centro Destra meeting. “It’s a big responsibility, because we don’t have the option of making a mistake,” Alfano added.

Luigi Contu is director of ANSA, one of Italy’s leading news agencies, and spoke with our euronews reporter:

“It’s a big leap for Renzi, because he wants to reach a clear goal of making reforms. We have to recognise that Renzi, since becoming head of the Democratic Party, has made ​​great strides in a month and a half, for example on the electoral law. We’ve been waiting seven years for this to happen,” said Contu.

Renzi, the mayor of Florence, was elected leader of the centre-left Democratic Party just two months ago and, at 39, would be Italy’s youngest ever prime minister.

After getting a mandate from the president, Renzi would need to strike a deal with the New Centre Right party. He’ll need their support to command a parliamentary majority.