Two killed as fierce storms hit UK

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Two killed as fierce storms hit UK

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Two people have died after violent storms battered the UK.

In London, strong winds caused masonry to fall on a car killing a 49 year old woman inside and injuring the other passengers.

Elsewhere, an 85-year-old man died after huge waves hit a cruise ship in the English Channel.

Diners in a restaurant in Hampshire had to be rescued by the army when high winds blew rocks and shingle smashing through the windows, letting flood waters in.

Severe weather warnings are still in place for much of the UK.

Gale force winds along with ongoing problems of flooding have disrupted roads and railways across the country.

The government’s emergency committee, Cobra, is expected to meet to discuss the situation.

In Brittany in France the storms left more than 100,000 homes without electricity, and trains and flights were cancelled

In the coastal village of Saint Guénolé, strong winds of up to 140km per hour along the Atlantic coast left houses and streets covered in foam from the sea.