A weekend of deals could see Italy's youngest ever prime minister

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A weekend of deals could see Italy's youngest ever prime minister

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Italy could be on track to get its youngest ever prime minister by Saturday night or Sunday.

Giorgio Napolitano, the country’s longest-serving president is meeting with various party leaders to gauge whether or not Matteo Renzi has enough support to form a coalition government.

Renzi heads up former prime minister Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party, the largest in parliament.

The 39 year old is also Mayor of Florence. He forced Letta’s resignation by criticising his lack of action.

Renzi is proposing radical reforms, but he has never been elected to parliament and has so far his only experience has been in local politics.

Public response to Renzi is lukewarm.

“There’s an emergency situation. In an emergency, it’s necessary to find an alternative solution. It’s not the best option, but I don’t think we have any choice,” said Rome resident Massimo Angelini.

If Renzi gets the go-ahead, he will be Italy’s third prime minister who has not been elected.

Giovanni from Rome gave his opinion: “Everything’s changing, but it will stay the same. There’s no democracy. It’s nothing more than a power game.”

As well as winning over the public, Renzi will have to maintain the support of current coalition partners the New Centre Right party, who have already said no to his social liberal policies, such as gay civil unions.

The anti-establishment Five Star Movement and separatist Northern League are the only major parties that have refused to hold talks with Italian President .