Valentine's day flowers for Kyiv's frontline protesters

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Valentine's day flowers for Kyiv's frontline protesters

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Anti-government protesters in Kyiv celebrated St Valentine’s Day with messages of love and support, delivered by girls in traditional Ukrainian chaplets.

As well as flowers, the girls handed out over a thousand emails and postcards, sent from as far away as the USA and Scandinavia.

Most of the messages were dedicated to all Maidan protesters, revealing respect and wishes of courage and love.

Activist Anna Lukashevich, who organised the event, was happy with how things went. “It was really nice to read that in Stockholm, Boston and Kentucky there are people who are concerned about what’s happening in Kyiv,” she said.

Yulia Shainska, another activist, explained: “These Valentine cards are for Maidan people, different people. I wrote them because when protesters are reading them, I feel like I’m with them!”

One protester who received greetings and flowers said: “War is war. But even when I was serving in the Caucasus, there was always a place for true feelings.”

Another protester said: “It’s very nice! I was sent regards by people all over Ukraine and by foreigners. People say they are proud of us!”

Many men said they were deeply touched by what was written in the letters.

The girls hope the letters will inspire protesters or even help some of them to find true love.

Meanwhile, a small wedding ceremony took place at an improvised chapel inside the protest tent at Independence Square.